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Sound of Nature!



Sound of Nature!

01 / Immersive experience
02 / Top notch usability
03 / Universal

Blue Water Mic takes whale watching to a new level. Our hydrophones in addition to our mobile app will bring you the experience of a lifetime by SEEING and HEARING these wonderful creatures.

Our hydrophones deliver best in class acoustic performance. 


With a frequency range from 10 Hz to 20 kHz, an SNR up to 74 dB and sensitivity of -70 dB re 1V/μPa it leaves nothing to be desired.

Blue Water Mic is dedicated to designing the most user-friendly hydrophones on the market.

Thanks to our innovative technology, our hydrophones can be used with any mobile device without additional hardware (pre-amp etc.) or power supply.


Our mobile app is disruptive as our hardware is.

There are a ton of other use cases for our hydrophones beside whale hearing. Discover the underwater world or use it as a IP68 microphone in challenging environments. 

Our hydrophones withstand harsh environmental conditions and temperatures from -20°C to 80°C.


They are suitable for a depth of up to 30m.


Blue Water Mic   Inside

Our history

Our journey has only just begun and we are excited to disrupt the way we are used to explore the underwater world.

Our Vision

We've made it our mission to create the world's most user-friendly and immersive hydrophones. No more and no less.


We want to lower the barrier for exploring the underwater world and want to make the discovery of the underwater world accessible to everyone.


We want to do our part for nature conservation and species conservation.

Our Technology

With our innovative technology we disrupt the way to experience the underwater world.


With our technology it is possible to build State-of-the-Art arrays for underwater applications.



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